Lawyer Referral Service

The Tallahassee Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service is available to help you find a qualified attorney to handle your case. 

What is the Lawyer Referral Service? How does it work?

Tallahassee Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service aids the public in finding a qualified attorney.  Once a referral is requested, the Tallahassee Bar Association will provide you with an experienced local attorney that can handle your specific type of case. The client will then arrange a 30 minute consultation with the referred attorney. If more than a 30 minute consultation is required, the attorney will arrange their own legal fees.

How much does the Lawyer Referral Service cost?

We charge a one-time administrative fee of $25 in order to complete the referral to an attorney.

How long will it take for me to receive a referral?

Please allow for 24 business hours between the request made and a referral to be given to you.

Will I be guaranteed an attorney that will work on my case?

The Lawyer Referral Service guarantees an attorney will have a consultation up to 30 minutes with you. However, it is not guaranteed that the attorney will take your case. If you are unsatisfied with your first referral, we can provide up to 2 more referrals, one at a time.

What areas do you serve?
We serve all residents in Gadsen, Leon, Jefferson, Wakulla, Liberty and Franklin counties.

Does the administrative fee cover the cost of my legal services?

The $25 administrative fee allows consultation up to 30 minutes with a lawyer, but does not cover any other legal fees if further services are needed. The attorney will arrange their own costs for their services.

What kind of cases do you refer?

The Legal Referral Service can refer many different types of cases, including administrative/government law, business law, constitutional law/individual rights, consumer law, criminal law, family law, labor/employment law, real property law, torts and will/probate.

Can you give me legal advice?

Our Lawyer Referral Service is designed solely to provide an attorney who can give legal advice. The Lawyer Referral staff are not qualified to give any legal advice.

Who will see my information from my request?

We only require a basic amount of legal information in order to properly refer you to a local attorney that is experienced in your kind of case. This information is only used in order to make an accurate referral and will only be kept for our files.

Do you have lawyers that speak Spanish?

We can refer you to lawyers who speak Spanish, please put this information in your request.

Do you provide pro bono legal services?

We do not provide any pro bono services, please visit the Tallahassee Legal Aid Foundation website in order to reach out about pro bono legal services

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions about the Tallahassee Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service, please email our LRS coordinator at [email protected].