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2021 LRS Application

2021 LRS Panels

LRS FAQ's        

What requirements do you have for attorneys to join the Lawyer Referral Service?

You must be in good standing with the Florida Bar without any pending disciplinary actions. You must provide proof of malpractice insurance of at least $100,000 and maintain this insurance while you are a member of the LRS. For a complete list of requirements please see the LRS application.

What is required of me as an LRS attorney?

You will be available to take consultations up to 30 minutes for the client. If further legal guidance is needed, you may arrange your own legal fees with the client.

What do I give to TBA’s LRS?

You must remit to  the TBA LRS 10% of all fees of more than $100.00 collected from each client we will refer to you.

How much does membership to the Lawyer Referral Service cost?

If you are a member of the Tallahassee Bar Association, yearly membership is $150. We are also accepting non-members of the Tallahassee Bar Association for a $400 yearly membership fee.

How many panel areas may I apply under?

There is no limit to the number of panel areas one can choose.