Get To Know The Lawyer Regulation Process Posted February 24, 2016 by Tallahassee Bar Association


FEBRUARY 24, 2016

The Florida Bar Daily News Summary


The Florida Bar News | Column | March 1, 2016

By Michelle Suskauer, chair of the Disciplinary Review Committee of The Florida Bar Board of Governors. In a series of stories over the next few issues, the Bar News will explain how the Bar’s lawyer regulation system works, from the initial complaint through the investigation, review, trial and, ultimately, a final discipline order by the Florida Supreme Court. Suskauer writes: “The process can be scary, but it’s important that we understand it — first, to avoid pitfalls in our own practices, but also to appreciate the ways we are protecting the public and the lawyers who practice in Florida. . . . I hope you’ll take the time to read this News series on the disciplinary process and gain a new appreciation of the care, hard work, and institutional knowledge that make the system work — and make The Florida Bar an effective guardian of the integrity of the legal profession.”