FGBA News and August Meeting Notice Posted August 19, 2016 by Tallahassee Bar Association


Steven M. Hogan speaks on Government Drones! New Message from the President.  Open Positions on FGBA Committees.  TWL Speaker on Voting Rights.  Government Attorney of the Year Nominations Open.  Recommended Constitutional and Bylaw Revisions.

Steven M. Hogan, attorney with Ausley McMullen and author of “The Drone Revolution: How Robotic Aviation will Change the World,” will be the keynote speaker at our next CLE luncheon presenting Government Drones! Navigating State and Federal Law which will include public uses of drones, how state and federal regulations govern the use of drones, and how to make informed policy decisions regarding public use of drone technology, on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, at noon, at the Capital City County Club, 1601 Golf Terrace, Tallahassee, Florida 32301. The cost is $15 for members and students, and $20 for guests. Vegetarian options are available.

Check out Notes from the President’s Desk.  FGBA, has launched a new monthly feature designed to keep you in loop about whats going on behind the scenes at FGBA.  Click here to access the message.

We are looking for members to join two committees. The Programming and Sponsorship committee develops new ideas for events and resources that would benefit our membership and facilitates financial partnerships to reduce our membership costs.  The Advocacy committee will track legislative, executive, judicial, and Bar activities to keep the membership informed of issues impacting government practice.  If you are interested in serving on either committee, please email President@FlaGovBar.org.

TWL will be hosting Professor Tolson on Voting Rights.  The lecture entitled “Developing a Voting Rights Agenda in the age of Post-Racial Politics” will take place on September 14 at 12:00 noon in the FSU Law rotunda  The cost is $25 for non-TWL members.

Government Attorney of the Year Award Nominations are open.  Each year, FGBA recognizes an outstanding attorney in government practice in Tallahassee.  Nominations this year are open to all attorneys in government practice.  Follow the links to access the announcement and nomination form.

The Executive Council has recommended revisions to our Constitution and Bylaws.  After a year-long review process, we have proposed significant revisions to our governing documents.  The proposals can be found at the special page set up on our website for governance review which can be accessed by clicking here, or clicking the button marked “Review Documents.”  Please send feedback to President@flagovbar.org.  All feedback will be posted on our website to ensure the membership is well informed when we vote on these proposals.

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