WHEREAS, Section 27.5304(12)(b), Florida Statutes, requires the chiefjudge or a single designee to hold an evidentiary hearing on motions to exceed the statutory limits in extraordinary and unusual cases; and

WHEREAS, by Administrative Order 2008-03, dated February 1, 2008, the clerk ofcourt in the county in which any motion for extraordinary fees is filed is directed to immediately forward the motion  to the chiefjudge  for disposition,  and

WHEREAS, for purposes of judicial economy it is appropriate to designate a judge in the criminal division to address these  motions


ORDERED that effective July  1,  2016:

  1. Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson is hereby designated to hear all motions for extraordinary fees pursuant to Section 27.5304( I 2)(b), Florida Statutes.
  1. The respective clerks of court shall immediately forward a copy of any such motion for extraordinary fees to Circuit Judge James Hankinson in his Tallahassee office.
  1. Except as herein expressly amended, Administrative Order 2008-03 shall remain in full force and

See complete Order attached here:

Administrative Order 2008-03