Participate in a computerized treatment study for smoking cessation and anger reduction!

Florida State University is recruiting participants for a government funded treatment study for smoking cessation and anger reduction. We provide resources and support to individuals who are interested in quitting!

All participants receive two months of free nicotine patches and compensation for their involvement.

Eligible individuals will be offered computerized treatment intended to reduce anger. Participants can complete several sessions online from the comfort of their own home, however some appointments must be completed at Florida State University.

For more information or to see if you are eligible:

Florida State University, Department of Psychologyreadytoquit
(Study is funded by the National Institutes of Health)

FSU IRB contact information: (850) 644 – 8633, humansubjects@fsu.edu
Call: 850.645.7427

Email: fsusmokingstudy@gmail.com
Visit: fsusmokingstudy.wordpress.com